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Our Process

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Our Process

The Leverage Analytics process is customized to the engagement or business problem being addressed.

Our analytics tools are customized to better align prospecting with underwriting, in order to increase approval rates. We facilitate increased prospecting and underwriting automation to improve efficiency.

We typically start by gaining an understanding of the current use of data science in key decision-making. This includes a review of existing tools and related processes. As well, we review existing internal and external data that can be sourced for developing of prospective tools. During this process, we provide recommendations for optimizing existing models and processes and for developing new decisioning tools when appropriate.

Remaining independent of data vendors or firms providing off-the-shelf solutions allows us to provide an independent, objective assessment of the data needed to develop the most effective analytic tools. The focus is on tools that are relevant and balance complexity with transparency. Throughout the engagement, we work within the clients' existing constraints, whether they be budgetary, data limitation, or other constraints.

Our process includes the provisioning of code documentation and training for seamless provision for seamless integration of upgrades and new tools with existing processes.

For clients seeking longer-term engagements, we serve as a virtual/external analytics department.

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