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Most financial services firms struggle with the data dilemma. They know that hidden within their data lie the secrets to higher revenues, lower costs and fewer losses. But uncovering and analyzing this treasure trove is costly. A good data scientist can cost dearly in salary, benefits and training. Building out an internal analytics team is often cost prohibitive.

We created Leverage Analytics because we felt this big-data pain and wanted to eliminate it. By taking advantage of the increased availability of scalable, cloud-data warehouses, an exponential jump in computing power, and the broad socialization of machine-learning platforms, we can now offer world-class analytics on an affordable scale. Our process lets you access vital insights at a fraction of the cost of hiring internal data analysts. Integrity is assured, as we are not aligned with any database providers.

We invite you to browse our site to learn how we work, and how we can serve you.

β€œIt is a capital error to theorize before one has data.”
~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Creator of Sherlock Holmes

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The Leverage Analytics process is customized to the engagement or business problem being addressed.

Consulting Engagement Models

We offer diverse consulting models, including fee-for-service or retainer for ongoing engagement.

Reach-out for Consultation.

Please use our website to contact providing a very brief overview of the problem you are trying to solve. Our team located in various time-zones and someone should get in touch with you very soon.

Our leadership team is based out of Chicago and Atlanta and our consultants are based virtually all over the world. Our consultants have advanced quantitative qualifications and significant experience solving analytic challenges at various corporates.